FAQ from Sellers

How much will it cost in Agent's fees to sell my property?
Agent fees have been deregulated and therefore you may find some variation between Agents. It is important to remember that you only get what you pay for and therefore careful consideration should be given to what is to be included in the fee, the services offered and the reputation and experience of the Sales Consultant and the Agent. Some of the factors that can influence the rate of commission can include the value of the property, the degree of difficulty of the task, the expectations of the vendor and the level of service they require. The commission is there to provide the agent with a reward for doing their job successfully, or an incentive for excellent performance. The commission is only payable when a sale is negotiated at a figure that is acceptable to you as the vendor.
This is to be decided upon between you and the Agent. These costs may be included in your Agent's Selling Fees and any "special marketing plans" should be mutually agreed on between yourself and your Sales Consultant.
This is not recommended as your property will receive its fullest exposure in the first month of marketing. Potential purchasers may not consider your property if they believe it to be out of their price range.
Conveyancing costs relate to the cost of handling all the necessary legal requirements usually handled by a Solicitor or Conveyancer on your behalf, who will charge you a fee for doing so. These fees can vary a great deal depending on who handles it for you and how complex the transaction is.
Not at all. We encourage our clients to contact us for a "free market appraisal" at any time, to update themselves on the value of the property. Property valuations are constantly changing from year to year, and especially after enhancing your property's value after renovations. In fact many clients contact us to discuss whether they are over-capitalising with their renovations. Once again, we are happy to provide free advice upon inspecting.