FAQ from Tenants

How can I arrange to view a rental property?
Simply call our office and arrange an appointment to meet a member of our Property Management Team at the property.
Property Managers are not permitted to give out keys to prospective tenants.
Usually between 24 and 48 hours, depending on how long it takes to follow up references and to contact the property owner. As soon as a decision is made you will be informed, whether your application is approved or not.
Property Management conducts a 100 point ID check on all of our applications. You will need at least one form of ID from Group A plus enough from Group B to total 100 points.

Birth Certificate 40 Passport 40 Drivers license 60

Student photo ID 40 Pension / Health Care Card 40 Bankcard, Medicare Card etc 25

Other documents include:
  • Proof of income
  • Rent receipts or a ledger printout
  • References - Rental, character and employment
  • If you are self employed - business or Accountant Reference
  • Proof of current residence - electricity/phone bill etc
Yes. The details of all residents of the property need to be on the application form.
You can pay rent by any of the following methods:
By cheque or money order
Internet Banking through your chosen financial institution
Direct debit from your nominated bank account, we will supply you with our account details to arrange an automatic transfer.
Failure to pay your rent by the due date is a breach of your tenancy agreement. As such, you will be issued with a termination notice. This cannot be avoided however, if you are having temporary financial difficulties contact your Property Manager so they are aware of your situation and can keep the owner of the property informed.
Yes. You are responsible for insuring your own belongings.