Career & Employment Opportunities at First National Real Estate Mount Druitt

Consider a Career in Real Estate

A Real Career with Real Benefits
Congratulations on your decision to further improve your career with a consideration of a position at Mount Druitt First National. This document has been constructed to answer any questions you may have in relation to becoming a sales agent. We want to provide you with all the facts, allowing you to make an informed decision about commencing a career in real estate sales. If there is anything you would like explained in more detail, please make a note and we will address in detail during our possible meetings with you.

Who are Mount Druitt First National ?
Mount Druitt First National was established in 1981 and has gone from strength to strength living by the company motto “Action based on honesty and knowledge”

Opening an office in Mount Druitt over 20 years ago, Mount Druitt First National has provided a professional service to the local community ever since. Offering a personal approach to real estate service, the Mount Druitt First National reputation is founded on a proud tradition of not only achieving but also surpassing the aims set for its clients.

The Business owned and operated by Husband & Wife Peter & Angela Elliott comprises over 9 personnel and operates from fully refurbished modern premises in the Mount Druitt Village.

Mount Druitt First National is a service-focused Company made up of pro-active, like-minded people who strive to be the best they can possibly be. The Company has embraced new technologies, including internet and database capabilities, as well as adopting an assertive and uncompromising approach to the recruitment of top personnel.

Why be part of Mount Druitt First National ?
Many professionals reach a point in their career where they have gone as far as they can go. Their current employment operating structuring is limiting, creating the need to expand and break away from current employment situations. To remain focused and stimulated, a career path is needed. Many do what they believe is the logical next step - opening their own business - as a means to an end. However, once this step is taken it is very hard to retrieve the capital you have risked on the way. Very few actually succeed due to the enormous amount of pressure placed upon small business owners. The focus is shifted from listing and selling property, to juggling accounts and running the business.

At Mount Druitt First National, we want you to have a business within a business without the risks associated with technology, rent, staff and general overheads. Building a successful company is a laborious and expensive process. So rather than becoming a jack of all trades in a start-up business, we would like you to relish the opportunity to be part of something very special. Your decision to join Mount Druitt First National will allow you to be involved with great people within the real estate industry.

Does Mount Druitt First National have a preferred employment background?
If you are a mature, confident individual with strong communication skills and empathy toward people wishing to buy or sell real estate, then we are certainly interested in speaking with you.

How do I get started in real estate?
Your first priority is to be proactive in a number of ways:
A. Get yourself trained in the “how to' of selling real estate, i.e. the techniques or prospecting, listing, marketing, selling, time management, etc. The Complete Salesperson Course conducted by Prime Training Systems & Services covers all aspects of real estate sales.

B. Obtain your basic approvals. With the introduction of new legislation requirements issued from the Office of Fair Trading, anyone wishing to enter the real estate sector is required to complete the certificate of registration course, the course is comprised of three units:

    1. Preparing for Work in the Property Industry
    2. Working in the Real Estate Sector
    3. Communicating Effectively and Accurately with Clients

These three units provide attendees with both basic and specific knowledge skills to work effectively and efficiently within a real estate agency.
They cover basic entry-level functions to enable compliance with legal and procedural requirements for such work activities. They identify potential risks to the consumer at large associated with the marketing, sale, leasing, management and associated activities within the property industry.

C. Consider your personal image in regards to dress and general appearance. A good image leads to improved self esteem, which gives you more confidence, encourages your performance and earns, you more recognition when you are listing and selling real estate. Please note that Mount Druitt First National has a dress code that is part of our corporate image.

D. Complete the questionnaire in this document, present your case as to why you should be employed.

If successful, you may be asked to participate in any part of our following recruitment process.
    1. Attend an Interview.
    2. Listen to the Prime Audio Program.
    3. Attend ‘The Complete Salesperson' Course (2-day event)
    4. Take part in a paid, practical evaluation (2 consecutive days)

With this complete we could set a start date and commence your employment as a probationary salesperson.


How hard is it to succeed In real estate?
Success will come from dedicating yourself to the job. Advance your career through further training, commitment to succeed and hard work.

How secure is my job with Mount Druitt First National if there Is a downturn in the economy?
Given that it is the Australian dream to own your own home, economic volatility has very little impact on the real estate market. People are always selling and buying property, so Mount Druitt First National are always in a position to help you achieve your desired income.

What Is the success rate In real estate sales? Why do people leave the Industry?
Success is a direct reflection of the amount of effort and training you put into your career. Always allow time to prospect for new business, which in turn contributes to success. Like any job, people leave when they lack focus. To stay motivated, ensure that you learn the latest selling and prospecting techniques. And have a complete understanding of the Mount Druitt First National operating system.

What about the less-than-desirable reputation that goes with becoming real estate agent?
To be a successful agent in today's market you must have unquestionable integrity. You must be absolutely honest in all your dealings, always maintaining a commitment to do the very best for both vendor and purchaser.

What sort of training can I complete?
In addition to the Complete Salesperson Course and Certificate of Registration, we recommend listening to audio programs such as Hot Topics and the Complete Salesperson Audio Program, along with reputable conventions and seminars to further self development.

    Application Form

What about Computers? Do I need advanced computer skills before getting a job with Mount Druitt First National ?
Mount Druitt First National has its own custom software that is the operating system of the entire business. To work at Mount Druitt First National you will need a basic understanding of computers in order to communicate with our team. We will provide you with all the training you need to function in our system. How ever an attitude to learn is essential. Do I have to make a financial commitment up front to get a job with Mount Druitt First National ? Yes. On average an initial outlay of $1300 is required (tax deductible once employed with Mount Druitt First National) to cover the cost of quality sales training and certificate of registration courses. This investment indicates that you are serious about getting into real estate. Don't forget that you will need a motor vehicle.

What can I expect to earn In the first 12 months of employment with Mount Druitt First National ?
The industry average income is over $50,000 pa. The average income for a salesperson working in our office is over $70,000 pa

What hours do I need to work?
In the first six months, the best starting point for most successful agents is to commit to a six-day working week of approximately 55 to 60 hours. Time management skills will help you spend your time wisely and productively. By the third quarter, achievement of your sales targets will dictate your working hours.

How are targets and commissions determined?
At Mount Druitt First National we consider our sales people business partners. Mount Druitt First National provides the infrastructure, resources and training for our real estate sales partners to achieve.

What are some of the pitfalls I could expect, should I move Into a real estate career withMount Druitt First National ?
Not being successful can be put down to the following errors: not budgeting your finances; not having the full support of your family or partner; not understanding the amount of time you will need to dedicate to your new job.

What equipment do I need to start?

  •         A modern style laptop computer, capable of operating on the Mount Druitt First National network.
  •         A mobile phone
  •         Have a suitable motor vehicle for client appointments. (4 door)
  •         Be willing to comply with dress code.

What does Mount Druitt First National provide?
As one of our agents, you will be provided with the following:

  • Direct access and coaching by Lee Woodward. Lee is the founder, driver and CEO of Prime Training Systems and Services. He is completely hands-on in his chosen area of training and corporate planning. Lee Woodward has established himself as one of the leading real estate trainers in Australia.
  • The latest version of Complete Data software. (The Mount Druitt First National operating system)
  • A full Prime Listing Presentation System board complete with visual aids and audio instruction CD
  • The Complete Salesperson Audio pack.
  • The Prime 30-day Induction Program.
  • The Prime Business Plan document and training session.
  • The Hot Topics audio CD program.
  • Monthly Team training and one-on-one sessions.
  • Quarterly Performance reviews and measurement.
  • The latest technology and thinking available.

So there you have it. All you need to know about getting a job with Mount Druitt First National. In summary, the following points are worth remembering:

  •         Decide in an informed way whether real estate suits you, taking into consideration time restraints, training and financial commitments.
  •         Prepare yourself a financial budget for the first 12 months of your new career which will allow you to focus without financial pressure.
  •         Don't give up your current job until you have assessed everything in detail and fully understand the implications of a job with Mount Druitt First National.
  •         Ensure that you have the full support of your partner/family.
  •         Complete all training and required certificate courses.
  •         Assess your personal presentation.
  •         Have a good understanding of computers and an attitude to learn.
  •         Expect to be part of a continuous development program.
  •         Understand real estate is not just a job it is an intense involved career that requires your entire commitment.

We thank you for your interest in our organisation and hope that this information has given you a good insight into what we are doing. If you have an interest in pursuing a career in Real Estate, please complete a Questionnaire and return to: Mount Druitt First National 3/287 Beames Ave Mount Druitt 2770

What is expected from you

If you join an agency, you will be given clear direction and expected to adhere to a number of major commitments. Some of these are:


  •         To show total honesty at all times in your dealings with clients.
  •         To complete a set number of specific actions on a regular basis
  •         To monitor and observe your results and progress.
  •         To become part of a close-knit team.
  •         To possess an attitude that fosters and encourages achievement.
  •         To continually improve your level of knowledge and skill.
  •         To use the Client Benefit Strategies to make certain your clients are delighted.
  •         To work hard to reach your goals and the goals of your clients.
  •         To display total loyalty to your clients, your colleagues and the System


  •         A generous bonus package
  •         Support from your Leader and your colleagues.
  •         A long term career with a high income.
  •         A high level of pride in being part of an agency the public trust's.
  •         Challenges and excitement. No two days are ever the same !
  •         Freedom of working hours - time is generally under your control.
  •         The opportunity to advance in your agency.